The Cure

“Do you know a cure for me?”

“I know a cure for everything. Saltwater…sweat, or tears, or the salt sea.”

-Isak Dinesen




One thought on “The Cure

  1. We live in a world where bright lights, big names and popularity seem to overcrowd our attention. The media lens of our eyes have constructed a life path of faulty expectations and hopeless realities. Somehow we’ve become okay with not being the real “you”.

    As a college student I see this too much. Think about it – we wake up to go to work/school/etc., wait in traffic, spend most of our day doing the same thing as everyone else and then go home and spend part of an evening to do what we want.

    Let’s put aside for a moment our day-to-day obligations. All those important things, to-dos and people to see – let’s put those in the attic of our mind for just the next couple of minutes.

    The Danish author, Isak Dinesen, fed on the this simplistic matter of things. She figured that the cure to anything is salt water. It’s simple. In everything, whether through sweat and working through the pressure, or by tears and letting your body react the way it needs to, don’t hold back. Don’t be ashamed.

    And finally, the salt sea. You know when you have a cut and then run into the sea? It hurts, but that’s how you know the cut is healing. Sometimes, emersion is good for the soul. It’s the good kind of pain. In a metaphorical sense, saltwater is the individual passion that lights fire to people’s purpose. It’s not always comfortable, but its natural and it’s good.

    The greatest leaders in the world were not like everyone else. They were just…themselves. They allowed sweat, tears and their salt water to cure the unnecessary things of life.


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