Here’s to You, Optimistic Kid

The kite-flyer, the poster-child, the tree-climber, the milk-carton savior. We want to take a moment and solute you, Optimistic Kid!

The kid who never took insults for injury. The kid who stayed up late to finish that extra long fraction. The one who never let a rainy day ruin his parade. Optimistic Kid, you inspire us to be just a tad bit better. To finish our greens and make our bed in the morning. Because Lord knows a good day isn’t quite good without a made bed in the morn! But back to you Optimistic Kid; this is your moment.

Your moment to smash the ball out of the sandlot. It’s your time to get the girl at the end of the story. You’re Macbeth at the end of Shakespeare’s play and the crowd is waiting for your triumph my friend (but you don’t die…or go crazy).

Here’s to you, Optimistic Kid, cause words never really hurt you. What stuck on the other guy, merely bounced off you. Like a piñata at Christmas, you have no time for silly remarks. You don’t get tempered by a cloudy forecast.

Charlie Brown would be inspired by you my friend. So do your thing. Be optimistic and show the World that there’s more to life than awkward conversations and manic Mondays. We salute you Optimistic Kid!


Inspired by Luke & Hussain

Check out Luke on Tumblr. He’s  a terrific friend and has a beautifully enjoyable site.



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